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Stupid Stevie’s Love Sestina

The desert is dancing with the morning mirage

in this quiet moment, Stevie contemplates love

looks, head cocked, at the tank

a juncture where nothing explodes.

He talks to the empty angels

about stuff he thought he’d forgotten.


Put away, looking forgotten

shimmering, translucent as the mirage

reflecting off the eyes of the angels

who had heard about love

Words that told how the heart explodes

holds you helpless as a fish in a tank


Walking back to the tank

he hid what he’d nearly forgotten

in a dark place where nothing explodes

He sighed into the rising mirage

breathing out his listless love

and leaving it for the angels


The morning filled with angels

they were all over the tank

discussing what they’d heard of love

Stevie saw the job he’d forgotten

as real to him as a mirage

that gets so hot it explodes.

Raging awake Tank Girl explodes

scattering surprised angels

who join the morning mirage

disturbing the air around the tank.

The toilet that Stevie had forgotten

to empty, while dreaming of love


has over-run onto his love

the tank lights up as she explodes

the hand-grenade that  he’d forgotten,

blew him up to the angels

hovering curiously around the tank

like a worried, winged mirage.


He explodes his own mirage.

Broken into bits that love Tank

Girl, he has forgotten the angels.

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