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Reading from Spoil

  • 20-40 minute reading




  • Collaborations with poets, musicians, rappers, and dancers.

  • Question & Answer session.

  • Open mic.

  • Workshop.

  • Mentoring.

  • I have my own accommodation so you don’t have that cost.


  • I was a performance poet for twenty-five years before going to the university and refining my poetry skills.

  • I ran a weekly poetry night at the Jacob’s Ladder pub in Falmouth. I am an experienced compère and performer. I love to deliver my poems to a live audience, for me it’s the best way.

  • I am confident in large venues, I was part of the Bowie lounge in 2019 at the Amata Theatre at Falmouth University, which was a full stage production.

  • I have performed at Glastonbury Festival, and countless other venues.

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