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Oceana will be a full-colour book that blends the poetry of Morag Smith and the painting of Yasmine Davies. Not just words and images, this book is a wake-up call, taking the reader directly to the heart of the problem of plastic pollution, engaging them as active participants in the crisis facing our oceans.


Through the art and poetry, readers are introduced to the work of Clean Ocean Sailing (COS), a charity that uses zero-carbon solutions, such as sail and kayaking, to clear and recycle plastic from around the coast of Cornwall.

Oceana will be published in September by Peacepact Press and printed by Monkey Puzzle Printers. They will use 100% recycled paper, the book will be 21cm’s x 21cm’s, have a softcover, sixty pages (30 sheets), and be in full colour. All profits from the sale of the book will go to COS.


The book will be a catalyst for taking the work of COS to communities around Britain. Using readings, workshops, and events to engage participants in replicating their work, raising funds for the charity, and creating a network of care for our oceans and waterways across the country.


Water is common to everyone; it can be the thing that unites us in spite of our differences. This is a cause that affects everyone, it can create and bond communities, give people focus, and raise their self-esteem.

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