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Light leaks

from earth,

Darkness creeps

across the broken ground

horizon looms

against a darkening sky.


Sky loses light.

Light leaks out

across the darkened earth.


Light leaks across

A darkened earth.

Horizon rises dark

Against a darker sky.

Mountain’s darkness

Silhouetted by a darkened sky.

Bright light

Spills across the darkened earth

A stormy night,

The sky darkened

The mountains

Silhouetted dark

Against the heavy sky.


Spilled light

across dark earth

The mist is gold

beneath the darkened sky.

Rising up

against the mountainside.

the darkened earth

gives rise to golden mist.

seraphic figures walk

towards the light.

The mountain spills its darkness

On the earth.


The storm

The night

The figures walking

From the mountainside.

The mist that claims them

Gilding as it climbs.

The darkened earth

Is broken by the light.

The sky is dark

And heavy as it sinks.













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